One Village Neem with Citronella Soap (125g)

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One Village Neem is almost 50% neem oil from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica). – Neem: the natural oil known in India as «the village pharmacy» because of its far-reaching benefits for skin and for wellbeing. Neem is one of nature's truly remarkable oils; it has been valued for centuries.

To best retain all its natural qualities, our neem oil is extracted from the seeds by pressing. Our oil is then carefully filtered but it is not refined.

In our neem soap we also add mohua oil (from Bassia latifolia) (more than 12% of the soap).
The healing properties of this natural oil help to restore skin flexibility.

Our careful blend results in a wonderful soap for all skin. Both neem and mohua oils are rich in nourishments and this composition can help protect skin from infections.

The universal soap for everyone.

Neem is especially recommended to work against eczema, acne, and problem dry skin, including situations where other soaps are not normally acceptable. In India, neem is commonly described as «the destroyer of all ailments»! Neem is nature’s comforting moisturizer.

Our neem soap also includes nearly 2% pure natural citronella – a lemon-scented oil that has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and other benefits. It is an aromatic energizer. In the tropics, natural citronella is also appreciated as an effective insect repellent and in our soap it helps neutralize aroma. Palm and coconut oils also contribute to this excellent soap.