Fair Do’s is proud to be involved with the work of educating young fair traders in local schools. We are passionate about the message of fair trade reaching the younger generations and offer several services to teachers and pupils in order for this to happen. Here are a few ways we can work with your school:

  • Many groups from local schools take advantage of our sale or return service. They take our stock to their events or assemblies to sell and introduce their peers to the wide range of fair trade foods and crafts on offer.
  • We welcome small groups of pupils with their teacher for a tour of the shop and stock room. During this tour, any questions about the shop and about fair trade in general can be answered, and the pupils take part in various activities to help broaden their knowledge of fair trade.
  • We can arrange for somebody to visit your school to give a talk, assembly or classroom session in English or Welsh. Please note that our schools speakers do not work for Fair Do’s full time so they may have limited availability, but we will always do our best to accommodate your school’s needs.
    Our prices for visiting speakers and shop visits are as follows:
    a basic 1 hour assembly – £50, includes travel expenses
    a basic 2 hour assembly/workshop – £60, includes travel expenses
    a basic visit to Fair Do’s Siopa Teg for an educational session of approx 1 hour 15 mins – £25
    (Please note: we have not always charged for these visits as we have gratefully received several grants for our schools work. However, we can no longer rely on income from grants so we are now in the position of needing to make this work financially viable. Thank you for your understanding.)

Fair Do's can also offer the following:

  • Free digital resources, including an assembly and classroom activities, related to our research project about the impact we have when we buy fair trade items
  • Catering-size packs of tea, coffee, and sugar etc for staff rooms
  • If you are doing the Fair Trade Schools Award, and would like some help to become “Fair Aware”, or would like to join our schools’ newsletter email list, please get in touch with Sarah

If you would be interested in using any of these services, please call us at the shop on 02920 222066 or email